Summer Trends for Children

Pinny dress by Sprout Childrenswear, photo by Wishes and Wellies, fabric design by MirabellePrint

Summer at its hottest and with all the fashion shifting colors, you would want your child to look trendy as well. Summer trends for children have developed as well and as the heat climbs up it's important to choose just the right outfits for them, naturally, children won’t opt for anything confining or restricting. Hence clothes for children are usually elaborated with stylish patterns and accessories rather than the cut itself. Here are some of the latest summer trends or children that will help you nail that vacation in the beach this year!

Glittery glitters

Another thing that children adore and also look stunning with is glitter. Glitter compliments children, especially when used in the right manner. These beautiful two piece swim dresses use glitter flawlessly. With highly defined leaves, they take the design of the swim suits up several notches. You can also find this design on a pair of shorts and we have to admit it looks amazing. 

Shorts by 2 Peas in a Pod Co., swim dresses by Little Mermaids Hawaii, fabric design by MirabellePrint


Where florals are ruling adult fashion they are by no means excluded from childhood styles and statements. This bright floral pattern really intrigues the onlookers and the refreshing dash of colors complements your child’s appearance. You would do well to opt for this colorful pattern this summer. 

Fabric design by MirabellePrint

Nature prints

Another great thing that children look downright cute with is nature. Where some clothes may portray a style that is too realistic to be cool, others opt for a more colorful version that is fun to behold. Have a look at these mesmerizing patterns displaying cartoons like daisies and cactus and small potted plants. The style really adds character to the outfit and will undoubtedly compliment your child. 

Fabric design by MirabellePrint

Combine trends

You can also go ahead and mix trends up to create unique pieces. The nautical summer trend is in the air at the moment. Go and buy a pattern that portrays ships like this adorable pattern with yachts and life-saving tubes. You can then use them or mesmerizing clothes for your child that makes a statement. 

Baby blanket by Minky Company, fabric design by MirabellePrint

Lots of colors

Children love to play out and it’s always a great idea to dress them in colorful patterns and striking hues. Of course, this doesn’t mean you lose balance. Try to pair outfits to contrast with one another so that the style is enhanced. All of these summer styles are some of the latest trends in the market. You would do well your child’s wardrobe a summer shake. Introduce some fun and color into their outfits. The style will surely be visible from afar.

Leggings by Sprout Childrenswear, fabric design by MirabellePrint

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