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Romper by Love Bee Baby, fabric design by MirabellePrint

You may not know what a mast or starboard is, but you will definitely be familiar with the nautical style. The trend emerges in the summer and portrays a simple yet fun look. Especially children look adorable supporting this interesting trend. However, an important factor to remember is not to overdo it. Wearing boat shoes with chinos and a flat cap will end up looking like they are wearing a costume, and we surely don’t want that. Here are some amazing ways in which you can portray the nautical summer style perfectly!


This trend portrays nautical fashion in a minimalistic manner. This one-piece is the perfect example where yachts are printed on to the white background. The lines and the minimal design portrays both the nautical summer trend as well as a unique way of portraying it. The one-piece really gives that summer flavor and the yachts showcase the sea in a refreshing style. The one-piece also has a beautiful definition at the bottom which acts as a contrast to balance the piece. This onesie is the perfect outfit for your child this summer.

Onesie and romper by Love Bee Baby, fabric design by MirabellePrint


If your children are uncomfortable in the full-length onesie, you can also opt for a cute romper. The short legs of this piece allow children to feel free and lets them cool down. The piece looks stunning with incredible detail and fine lines defining adventurous yachts in blue. The blue color highlights the ocean and resembles the wild waves especially when you are at a beach. The pattern is created keeping simplicity and adventure in mind. The nautical summer style defines what it is like to be at sea and it’s not unlikely that anybody who spots your kid dressed in this romper will immediately be pulled back to the bobbing ocean.

Romper by Love Bee Baby, fabric design by MirabellePrint


Another way you can add a flavor of the nautical summer style to your child’s outfit is by adding shorts. Remember, it’s not about piling all the styles one over the other. Instead, you need to include certain elements to truly embrace this trend at its finest. A great way to do this is pair this patterned shorts with a solid T-shirt for a stunning summer outfit. You can always pair the outfit with a cute cap to make a statement.

Romper and shorts by Love Bee Baby, fabric design by MirabellePrint

All of these are great ways to portray the nautical summer trend. The trick is to embrace the style but not go out with a bang. Subtlety is the style that you are looking for. So go pit with your children, enjoy the waves and make a statement with these beautiful patterns of the latest nautical summer style.

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