Cozy & Cute Autumn Pieces

Fur lined coat by Sprout Childrenswear, fabric design by MirabellePrint

Fall is around us and as the golden and orange autumn leaves beautify the ground and the air starts to take a turn, so does fashion. Children are gorgeous little beings and they need to be dressed in outfits that complement them and enhance their appearance. The latest fashion styles for fall are here and they are downright stunning. Here we describe some of the stunning autumn pieces that can really bring out your child’s personality amongst the magical autumn winds.

Autumn themed trousers

A great way to start is with some adorable trousers. The design shows off cycles and autumn leaves against a milky background that really brings out the color and revives the festive autumn nature. The trousers has contrasting brown hemlines that add character to the bottoms and contributes some definition to the outfit.

Trousers by Aspen and Iris, fabric design by MirabellePrint

Autumn trees are a thing

Another adorable way of going about celebrating the season is by opting for autumn themed coats. These cute garments have little pine trees on them, just ideal for the festive season. The woolen trimming on the coat as well as the complementing orange adds contrasting flavors to the coat making it a stylish piece to wear out on an autumn’s dayThe cute little orange bob at the top and the woolen lacing really complements the coat and will make it look fabulous with any outfit that your child wears.

Fur lined coat by Sprout Childrenswear, fabric design by MirabellePrint

Autumn leggings

Coats are not the only wear that looks amazing with these patterns. The design looks festive on a leggings as well. Pair it with a neutral shirt to minimize the shift of focus. Add a sweet cap and your child is dressed in the most stylish and season friendly clothes ever! You can pair the leggings with a number of tops according to your desire, but patterns look best with solid colors such as this stunning white top, which draws all the focus to the leggings at the bottom.

Leggings by Sugarlime Lane, fabric design by MirabellePrint

Patterned dress in fur

You can also dress your child in this cute dress with sweet cottages, trees, sleds and reindeers printed on. It also has a fur neckpiece that adds to the festive nature of the season. You can pair the dress with a pair of fur boots and some stylish bows to dress your child in a stylish and trendy outfit that really compliments the festive season around as well as the holidays.
Dress by The Minted Moose, fabric design by MirabellePrint

Autumn is here with all its colors and you can take advantage by dressing your children to complement them. The beautiful patterns on these dresses really complement the season. What with the trees, sleds and reindeer these outfits are also some of the children’s favorites! Live the holiday season in splendor and dress to celebrate. These beautiful combinations will work on a number of occasions! Try them out for yourself to stylize your children in autumn trendy wear.

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